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  • 350MG CBD Broad Spectrum Tincture



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    • CBD Full-Spectrum Tincture Professional Grade
    • Over 80 Natural Cannabinoids-Organic
    • 30 ML
    • 3/4 dropper has 12 mg of Pure CBD
    • 0 THC

    CO2 Extracted Cannabidiol! No THC! 100% Organic! Each 30ml (1oz) bottle contains 350mg of CBD which can be delivered as drops under the tongue or as a food additive. Our C02-extracted Professional Grade CBD Rich Hemp Oil drops are made from full-spectrum hemp oil which has a high concentration of CBD along with 80+ natural cannabinoids. Using this type of extraction process, you get the benefit of CBD along with the associated benefits of other cannabinoids, which can aid in the body’s optimal usage of CBD.

    Our CBD oil is a full spectrum hemp extract, meaning it contains many other useful cannabinoids in addition to CBD (cannabidiol). Also, our CBD oil is non-psychoactive so anyone can use without the risk of getting “high.”

    CO2 extracted 100% Organic Hemp that is abundant in naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins and trace minerals. Emulsified in organic hemp seed oil.

    Serving size up to 3/4 dropper. Can be used once or twice daily; hold under tongue for 60 seconds and swallow.

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