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    MD Pain Away Pain Relief Cream and Pain Relief Gel
    Extra Strength Professional Grade


    Use topically for pain!

    MD Pain Away’s Pain Relief Cream, Pain Relief Gel or Pain Relief Roller Ball-The most effective pain relief cream.

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    Main Ingredients

    Our extra strength pain rich cream and gel is made with a premium base consisting of 100% pure coconut oil, 100% pure
    essential oils of eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, peppermint, lemon and camphor.


    Coconut oil, with its fatty acid composition, is commonly applied for various skin conditions, offering potential benefits for skin health.

    All-natural Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic & antibacterial properties and aids with inflammation while stimulating the skin.

    Known for having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties orange oil aids in nourishing dry, irritated and acne prone skin while curbing inflammation.

    Due to its cooling, antispasmodic properties, peppermint oil eases tension in the muscles and joints and is widely known as a natural pain reliever and muscle relaxer.

    Lemon oil is often used for its potential to improve skin appearance, possess antimicrobial properties, and soothe discomfort.

    Camphor oil is used for its cooling effect and potential to soothe irritation, itching, and discomfort, while also supporting circulation and alleviating muscle and joint pain.

    Fast Absorbing, Natural, Potent

    Get effective relief.

    Our creams and gels are fast absorbing and deeply penetrating.

    Choose between our 4 ounces jar or 16 ounces jar pain cream or gel.


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    Repair, Restore, Revive, & Renew

    A luxurious cream with organic coconut oil as well as 6 of the top 100% pure therapeutic essential oils for pain relief.
    This Paraben free, Gluten free, and SLS free cream is just what your achy body is calling for.